I've never loved the color green.. at least not within my artwork. As much as I love, adore, breathe for the outdoors and every green leaf, I've never loved green as part of an interior aesthetic. I've never even purchased green paint.. If I ever needed it for a landscape or otherwise within a painting, I would mix my own using blues, yellows, grays... I began to feel like Yves Kelin mixing and naming my own colors..

recently, as I started mixing colors for a painting, I whipped up a muted chartreuse.. and I loved it. and then I couldn't stop noticing it... everywhere.

Outdoor Voices, lululemon.. their spring 2019 campaigns are filled with this color! 

It's pretty close to Pantone 382C .. if I had to attribute it there.


last year, I called it: ochre was the color of the fucking YEAR. every storefront that lines King Street in Charleston had burnt yellow on a mannequin. I didn't capitalize on that.. I even went so far as to pivot away from it and I painted my once-yellow studio walls bright white.. This year, 2019, I won't be left behind! I'm calling it... this green is going to be the color of the year. get ready! 

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