Framing & Hanging Your Artwork

Here are some tips for hanging and framing your art pieces. 

For all artwork - prints, originals, surfboards, even textiles - it is best to hang and store these out of direct, harsh sunlight and away from humidity. Although we use archival, museum-quality materials, humidity and sunlight can warp and discolor artwork over time. Areas like bathrooms with showers, porches, sunrooms, or South-facing windows can be too harsh for your artwork. 

Framed originals can be hung by the hanging wire attached to the frame. For pieces larger than 24 inches, it is advised to use two, evenly-spaced picture hangers. Ensure that the hangers you use are approved for the correct weight of the framed piece. 

Prints can be framed with or without mats. It's best to use UV-protective glass. 

If you'd like to frame an unframed original painting, we advise using a local framer who can customize a frame with the correct sizing and installation of the canvas. Here are some links to framers that we like here in Charleston, SC. 

Artizom Framers  A Simple Tree Framing

For hanging a surfboard, make sure to use hanging hardware that is approved for the size of your board! You can get creative, using rope & cleats, or custom-made hardware, but do so at your own risk! Here are some links to surfboard hardware that we like! 

Hang it Vertically   Hang it Horizontally

Skate decks arrive to you from JG Studio with appropriate hanging hardware. Should you need to order replacements, here are some options we like!

Skate Deck Mount